Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Sing from the Heart

Sing from your heart - a big part of what we do here at De Tout Coeur Limousin - help people to open their heart and lungs.  To sing without fear, to ignore the negative voices and childhood fears. There's a famous quote that says; "sing like no one's listening"!!! Why? Sing like they can all hear you, that you are worth listening to, that you can shine and inspire others.  

The human voice is one of the most intimate, beautiful and natural gifts we have.  It's not about being a note perfect singing star but when you sing from your heart and soul it will be heard and felt.   

Does your heart sing?  What helps you sing from your heart?

picture credit: staceycurnow.com

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  1. I love singing. I always get told not to sing because my voice is bad but I don't care. People do things they are bad at all the time and, if you are having fun, what does it matter? If you don't like bad singing, the best thing to do is join in :)

    1. Glad to hear you ignore people and sing anyway! and I agree - join in and sing from your heart - beautiful :-)

  2. I too love singing and I'm old enough not to care who hears me.

    1. Singing is such a beautiful thing and happy you are singing so others can hear you - thanks for stopping by - carry on singing from the heart :-)


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