Monday, 7 April 2014

F is for Food: "Approach Love and Cooking with Reckless Abandon"

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Food for me is about family, friends and love.  If you are in my house chances are you will eat!  I want people to leave feeling welcomed, 'at home' and definitely well fed.  The kitchen is a place for creativity and where I feel confident in expressing myself when words sometimes fail. 

Polish 'Greek' Fish, awesome slow cooked pork, & very Dill-y potato salad cooked for my sister's wedding

my Polish Plum cake - perfect for snowy days and homesickness

my samphire & tomato salad
Food and culture go hand in hand.  What we cook shows where we have come from, where we have been, and where we would like to visit.  We can understand a lot about another culture through their food.  If we are open minded and learn from others we can all benefit.  We can choose to ignore our restrictive boundaries and borders in the kitchen, as we can in life. We don't have to stick to the recipe book...

my wild garlic minestrone soup

homemade sourdough bread

So get in the kitchen, explore, mix it up a bit, make a mess but above all cook with love and 'reckless abandon'.

Please leave a comment below.  I look forward to hearing about your kitchen stories and experiences...

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Ema :-) 

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  1. I feel the same way about cooking and food. I love to have a large group of friends and cook for everyone, and make sure that everyone has something they like, and plenty of it to enjoy.

    1. Good to hear from you. Nothing like a good meal to bring people together...and maybe a wine or two ;-) Thanks for stopping by


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