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Online Singing Lessons with Peter Evans at HeartSong Normandie

Online Singing Lessons with Peter Evans at HeartSong Normandie Are you passionate about singing? Would you love to find your voice and vocal freedom? Do you dream of improving your vocal skills and becoming a better performer? Or maybe you are scared of singing - thinking you may even be tone-deaf? Whatever your singing experience and ability Peter Evans at HeartSong Normandie offers online singing lessons that are fun, friendly and supportive and will help you build your confidence alongside a strong vocal technique. Learn from a Vocal Expert Peter is a renowned vocal coach and singing teacher with over 30 years of experience both in the UK and France. He has worked with singers of all levels and abilities and helped them reach their full potential. "Peter’s method is about helping people find and trust their voice, physically, emotionally and psychologically. He’s inspiring and encouraging yet thoroughly down to earth. There are a lot of references to bodily functions as well a

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