Wednesday, 16 April 2014

New Beginnings

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Don't be afraid, new starts, new opportunities. Sometimes we need to take the leap, make a jump. It's scary and we don't know what will happen. If we are unhappy with our lives we have choices we can make. We can sit with the pain, or boredom or frustration of a situation and become attached to it. We understand it, we know it hurts and is doing us no good, but at least it's predictable and comfortable. We can become numb to it, on auto-pilot. There is loss involved, loss of the old routines and life, even if we were in pain there is still a grieving process that we may go through when we separate and start anew. Maybe this is what we protect ourselves from..? The pain of grieving and loss. Sometimes we need to take a leap to get where we want to go, to fulfil our potential and live our lives fully. To be alive.  Life is precious and short. 

Here's to taking a chance and new beginnings. Get in touch and tell us about yours.  What has helped and supported you when change happens in your life...?

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  1. Yes, life does indeed give us many opportunities to make new beginnings. thanks for this inspiring post.

    Beauty Interprets, Expresses, Manifests the Eternal

  2. Thank you for this - great post! Change happens all the time - life is always new. Live in the moment even though it is difficult. Be patient with yourself when loss and grief are with you. Mourn well -
    Garden of Eden Blog

    1. Wise words - patience helps, not trying to speed up natural processes. Allowing ourselves to feel and be in the moments - however painful. There needs much more dialogue and discussion about loss and grief. There is so much fear around it, and the fear of the madness that can feel like. But we can support and 'hold' each other if there is shared openness and expression. The realisation that we are can be together in the experience rather than painfully alone. Thanks again for stopping by :-)

  3. Lovely post! And here's to new beginning and new bonds being formed! My first A-Z and connecting with you... Now that's saying something! :D

    1. Thanks Aditi - great combination - new bonds and new beginnings. Enjoy the A-Z :-)


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