Friday, 11 April 2014

Bon journée & “our potential for love, justice, and creating a good world”

Bon journée.  Wishing you a good day. A simple but beautiful communication from one to another. Showing kindness and reaching out. Expressing our humanity and connectedness. The potential in caring for and keeping another in mind.
This earth is our brief home.
Let's put the human house in order
Let's tend to the wild garden of humanity.
We are better than the sum total
Of our successes and failures.
The truth is that we haven't really tried,
We haven't really gone for it,
We haven't really striven
For a world of balance
And contentment.
We are like athletes
Who haven't really extended themselves.

We haven't really found out what we are
Really capable of doing,

 If we put our minds to it.

 We are functioning below
Our potential for love,

 Justice, and creating a good world.”

Ben Okri:  Mental Fight - An Anti-Spell for the 21st Century 

We can start with a wishing each other a good day and see where we go from there...

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  1. Merci et Bon Journee--je crois que je suis en agreement totallement avec vous. Je pense que nous doit attempter plus dur a faire une monde plus merveileuse et belle!



    1. Merci and bon journée to you too. Thanks so much for stopping by. Mon français n'est pas très bon, mais je suis en train d'apprendre plus tous les jours. J'aime Google Translate. Ne pas toujours faire les choses, mais plus près que moi;-)


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