Moving to the Limousin - one year on...

Change to me means following your heart and dreams - to take risks, to grow, explore and discover what's out there, what you are supposed to do.  To find what makes your heart and soul sing.  Life is short and precious, there are no rehearsals, there is only now - the cliches are true!  

But how do we achieve change and find the strength and courage to do so?  

We moved to France a year ago - one of the biggest life changes we have ever experienced.  Leaving our friends and family and secure jobs behind we moved to the middle of rural Limousin to set up our new home and business.  

It never felt courageous - just that we 'had to' do it.  To make the change, to not regret what could have been.  It's a struggle at times, we are scared sometimes, but we carry on...

How?  It is only with the help of others that we can carry on. We have been met with love, kindness and support at every turn - from help with the infamous French paperwork, to invitations to social events, to gifts of fruit and vegetables. New friendships have grown and blossomed.  We have faith that we will be OK, that it will work out, but more importantly perhaps is the fact that we are out here trying and the new chapter has been started - we don't need to know what's on the last page of the book... 

It feels as if the year has gone in a moment and that we have only just started. I wish you all a wonderful week ahead and look forward to hearing from you and your thoughts in the comments below.  

What does change mean to you?  

Without change and our move to the Limousin we would never have met or adopted Monsieur Eric le chien either!

Eric le chien - photo by our lovely friends at Into the Whorl Images

Eric le chien at De Tout Coeur Limousin

Mirth and Motivation

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  1. What a lovely blog. Leaving everything to pursue your dreams is certainly not that easy.. and you have done it! I agree with you entirely: "Sale away from the safe harbour" because life is worth living and ultimately every experience enriches you.
    The part of France you have moved to is fabulous. All the best!

    1. Thanks so much for your comments Alida. We are learning everyday and you are right every experience enriches you and your life. The Limousin is lovely we agree - have you visited it much?

  2. Beautiful post. That quote from H. Jackson Browne touched my heart. I will add the quote to my post on Courage. Change is a powerful thing and impacts us more than we know. Your move reminds me of mine. Limousin sounds heavenly. Thanks again for your support.

    1. Thank you. It is a fabulous quote - so happy my post resonated with you. Change is a powerful thing indeed - you can never be quite prepared for the outcome - but that's life - you can't predict or guarantee. Therein lies the challenge and the risk...,but also the reward :) x


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