brown butter chocolate chip cookies with orange & rosemary sea salt

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brown butter chocolate chip cookies with orange & rosemary sea salt
brown butter chocolate chip cookies with orange & rosemary sea salt
orange and rosemary sea salt
brown butter chocolate chip cookies with orange & rosemary sea salt
chocolate chip cookie dough
Chocolate chip cookies are always a favourite in our house. This recipe is the perfect combination of crisp, crunchy and chewy. Packed with dark chocolate chunks and given a festive twist with the orange and rosemary sea salt and spoonful of nutty chestnut liqueur. 

This recipe is a bit more complex than some, but well worth the effort.  The browned butter, sea salt and black treacle add a depth that makes these cookies much more than just a sweet treat.

These would make a lovely food gift and it's handy to have a batch or 2 of these cookies in the house during this festive time too for any visiting guests to enjoy. 

cooks hints & tips:

you can use vanilla extract instead of the chestnut liqueur, or any other nutty liqueur. Amaretto and Frangelico would both work really well. 

the leftover orange and rosemary sea salt is particularly good sprinkled on roast potatoes, chicken or in fact anything you would like to add a little rosemary and orange seasoning too.  

2 1/4 cup plain flour
1 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp orange & rosemary sea salt (& more for sprinkling)
1 cup unsalted butter
1 1/2 cups soft light brown sugar
1/4 cup white granulated sugar
1 egg & 1 egg yolk
1 tsp black treacle
1 1/2 cups dark chocolate chunks 
1/2 cups chopped hazelnuts/walnuts (optional) 
1 tbsp natural plain yogurt
1 tbsp chestnut liqueur 

orange & rosemary sea salt 
1/3 cup coarse sea salt/sea salt flakes
zest of 1 orange
1 tbsp chopped fresh rosemary


to make the orange and rosemary sea salt:

preheat the oven to 160C/gas 3 and line a baking tray. Mix the ingredients together then spread evenly on the baking tray. Cook for approx 10 minutes, until the orange zest has dried out. Leave to cool for a few minutes before whizzing in a food processor.  Store in an airtight container. 

to make the cookies:
add the butter to a saucepan and heat gently until foaming and a caramel colour. It should smell nutty and sweet and take a few minutes to reach this stage. Stir and watch constantly as it changes colour - there's a fine line between nutty (beurre noisette) and burnt.  Pour into a separate bowl and leave to cool for a few minutes.  

add the sugars and black treacle to the butter and whisk for a few minutes. Add in the egg & egg yolk, yogurt and chestnut liqueur and continue to mix. 

sieve in the flour, salt and baking soda and continue to mix on a low speed until incorporated. 

stir in the chocolate chips and nuts (if using). 

chill the mixture for a few hours in the fridge or 1/2 hour in the freezer.  

preheat the oven to 180C/gas 4 and line baking trays with grease proof/non stick paper

use an ice cream scoop or a tablespoon and form the dough into balls. Place on the baking sheets 2 inches apart.  

bake for 10-12 minutes - until they are starting to go golden and colour at the edges. Remove from the oven, sprinkle with the orange and rosemary sea salt and place on a cooling rack. Enjoy!  

recipe adapted from: ambitious kitchen

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  1. Now these must be the chicest cookies ever made. What an incredible combination of savours. I adore rosemary and chocolate but you don't often find them together in recipes. Beautiful. Thanks for the link to Simply Eggcellent x

    1. Thank you so much. They are a little bit moreish that's for sure ;)

  2. Oh goodness, these sound divine! I would definitely be making extra rosemary orange salt to sprinkle on potatoes!

    1. Can definitely recommend them - love the salt on roast potatoes too ;)

  3. Oh I love these, have been imagining how good they taste since you shared on twitter. thanks for joining in with we should cocoa.x

    1. thank you - and you are very welcome. I have made these so many times over the Christmas season! And am sure in 2016 too ;)


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