Friday, 15 August 2014

Happy Quinze-Août (15th August)

The 15th of August (Quinze-Août) is a national holiday here in France, also known as the Assomption de Marie (The Assumption of Mary).  We spent a lovely, lazy day exploring our local area and a few hours off from the housework.  We started off at the Grande fête in Royere de Vassiviere - our local town.  The streets were filled with a great selection of vide grenier and brocante items with everything you could want/need. I love a good second hand stall however had to stop myself from buying yet more vintage crockery!
Photo: Grande fête du 15 août à Royère de Vassivière : 
Toute la journée : vide grenier, brocante, animations musicales
À partir de 15h30 : défilé de voitures anciennes, fanfare de Bourganeuf
À partir de 20h : retraite aux flambeaux, boeuf à la broche feu d'artifice
Grande fête de Royere de Vassiviere
Next we followed our noses and stopped to marvel at what was on offer. Being familiar with a hog roast from many a village hall event or wedding back in the UK, this was something else, the local Limousine cows had sacrificed one of their own for the good of the town.  An awesome whole cow rotisserie "Boeuf a la Broche" - definitely not one for the vegetarians out there, but it smelt amazing.  It was too much for Eric le chien who thought all his Christmases had come at once so we exited swiftly before we ruined everyones dinner and a small (albeit sturdy) terrier was seen waddling slowly into the distance with a rather large cow in his vice-like jaws.  
Boeuf a la Broche
Next up was a little drive up to Domaine de Banizette and a pleasant walk around the grounds (and swim for Eric).  We plan on returning soon with some guests for a guided tour of the beautiful buildings and farm that date back to the 15th century.  
Eric le chien enjoying a swim at Domaine de Banizette
Domaine de Banizette
The final stop before home was at a local blueberry (myrtille) producer to buy some of the famous petit fruits grown in the Millevaches Regional Natural Park.  I had to stop Peter eating them before we returned home as wanted to save them to cook with.  Next time we are definitely going to 'pick our own' and I am sure return with several kilograms.  They were delicious and we both said they were the best blueberries we had ever tasted.  My mind was ticking away with all the different things I could make with them.  Watch this blog for upcoming myrtilles recipes...
Limousin myrtilles (blueberries) - how do you eat yours?

A nice break from all the work around the house and chance to discover more places of interest in the Limousin. Thanks for reading and I look forward to chatting more with you soon. Do please say hello and leave a comment below. A bientot!  

We hope to welcome you to the beautiful Limousin region soon.

De Tout Coeur Limousin 


  1. All we did was go to mass. We should have gone to France!

    1. It is a religious holiday with a big party and celebration too in the local towns. Thanks for your comments :-)

  2. Holidays are meant for spending the money we make on work days.

    That rotisserie is crazy. Great for a big party I guess.

    Tossing It Out

    1. It was awesome - never seen anything like it. Thanks for stopping by :-)


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