Friday, 18 April 2014

P for Patience

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We want things done yesterday, feel pressure and anxiety when we haven't got to our goal straight away.  Patience for me is about sometimes learning to sit with the process, trusting and having faith.  It will be OK, if we keep on, with love and patience we will get to the place we once thought impossible.  I remind myself of this as we are setting up our home and business here in France.  At one time even selling our house in the UK and moving to France seemed a distant possibility, filled with obstacles and set backs, but we made it.  We are here and 'keeping on', and everyday little by little we are moving in the right direction.  
De Tout Coeur Limousin
De Tout Coeur

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  1. Lovely post thank you!
    'Patience .. is about sometimes learning to sit with the process, trusting and having faith'. Those words of yours about sums it up in my book. Sometimes patience has to be learned as eg when there is nothing else to do but sit in it, sit in the process, learn to be still - and have faith it will unfold. I had a bad car accident last year and inter alia my right hand (writing hand) was severely damaged - it took weeks and weeks and weeks before it became functional. That was a TRUE lesson in patience!
    Garden of Eden Blog

    1. I agree - we are always learning, and having opportunities to sit with the process and learn ways of being patient. It sounds like you really were tested with your car accident. Happy to hear you are OK now. It must have been very difficult.


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